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  • United Healthcare (Nationwide)
  • Aetna (Nationwide)
  • Humana (Nationwide)
  • Carefirst BCBS
  • Horizon BCBS
  • Aetna Better Health-FL
  • Americhoice-NJ
  • Buckeye Healthplan-OH
  • Careplus
  • Caresource-KY
  • Caresource-WV
  • Choice
  • Christus
  • Community Health
  • Community Plan
  • Dept of VA
  • EDS Healthchoice of OK
  • Fortified
  • Healthsmart
  • Highmark
  • Keystone-PA
  • LA Health Connect
  • Magnacare
  • Mail Handlers
  • Maryland Physician Care
  • Maryland Physician Care
  • Mass Health
  • Medica
  • Medicare
  • Medicare-First Coast
  • Medishare
  • MD Wise-FL
  • Meridian-FL
  • Multiplan
  • Nebraska Total Care
  • Peachstate-GA
  • Prospect Medical Group
  • RR Medicare
  • Scott & White
  • Sierra Healthcare
  • Teamcare-FL
  • Three Rivers
  • Tricare-West
  • Tricare-East
  • UHC
  • UMR
  • Univera Healthcare
  • USA Managed Care

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Our Clients Say

Thanks to Innovative Gx, I finally found relief from the excruciating pain and frustration caused by my 15-year-old foot wounds. Their cutting-edge treatments and dedicated team not only healed my wounds but restored my hope for a pain-free future. I’m forever grateful to the incredible professionals at Innovative Gx for their expertise and compassionate care.

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- Peter Minns, 64

As someone with multiple health conditions, I take several medications. Pharmacogenomics has been invaluable in ensuring that my treatments are not only effective but also don't interact negatively with one another.

- Ethan, 62

Pharmacogenomics testing gave me peace of mind. Knowing that my medications are tailored to my genetic makeup makes me feel confident in my treatment plan.

- Leila, 28

I always wondered why pain medications didn't seem to work well for me. After a pharmacogenomics test, my doctor realized I needed a different dose than most people. Now, I'm finally getting relief.

- Carlos, 50

I underwent pharmacogenomic testing before starting cancer treatment. The insights gained allowed my oncologist to select the most effective therapy with the least side effects.

- Jenna, 36

I struggled with depression for years and tried many different antidepressants with no success. Pharmacogenomics revealed that I metabolize certain drugs differently. With this information, my psychiatrist prescribed a drug that finally worked for me.

- Raj, 41

My mother had severe reactions to certain medications, and I always worried I might too. Thanks to pharmacogenomics testing, my doctors can ensure I'm given treatments that are safe for me.

- Michael, 54

Before pharmacogenomics testing, I was constantly switching medications and dealing with side effects. After the test, my doctor was able to prescribe a medication that worked for me the first time around. It changed my life.

- Sarah, 29