Meet Our Team

Leadership Team

Ruben Bonilla Guerrero, MD, DABMG, FACMG, FAACC, MB(ASCP), CGMBS


Dr. Ruben Bonilla-Guerrero serves as Innovative Gx Laboratories’ Chief Medical Officer. He is a Mayo Clinic trained laboratory professional board-certified in Clinical Biochemical Genetics by the American Board of Medical Genetics (ABMG) and in Molecular Biology by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), with expertise in clinical pharmacology, inborn errors of metabolism, genetics, vaccine development, and clinical pharmacogenomics. Previously, Dr. Bonilla-Guerrero simultaneously served as Laboratory Director, Associate Medical Director, and Medical Director of Medical Affairs for the Department of Genetics at Quest Diagnostics, while concurrently serving as the Medical Director and Vice President of Medical Affairs at Admera Health. He is responsible for the clinical genomic-based testing at Innovative Gx Laboratories and also leads the Medical Affairs team.

Enrique Perez-Paris, MSIT, MS, BBA

Co-Founder / CEO

Enrique Perez-Paris serves as President and CEO of Innovative Gx Laboratories. He has extensive experience in all business operations, from the development of new business ideas and increasing revenue from underperforming operations, to growing large physicians’ networks. In addition to his leadership roles, he also has demonstrated his skills and knowledge in the fields of IT systems, business marketing tools, and project management in corporate development.

Diego Sánchez

Co-Founder / CFO

Diego serves as Partner and CFO of Innovative Gx Laboratories. His business development background pairs with the vision and mission of the company. His experience in management and finance in different sectors brings versatility to his demanding role in leading the industry of diagnostics forward. His previous positions as finance manager and finance director in the advertising, financial, and trade industries contribute to his success as a partner in planning and envisioning what lies ahead in the evolution of the company.

Nikita Hermesman

Co-Founder / Chief Business Officer

Nikita Hermesman serves as Chief Business Officer and is a managing partner of Innovative Gx Laboratories. He has extensive experience in business development, building relationship networks, and managing large healthcare organization accounts. With his experience, Nikita analyzes market needs and develops plans to commercialize services that Innovative Gx specializes in. He continues to help the management team push the company mission and vision forward and help Innovative Gx Laboratories become the leading precision medicine company.

Science and Management Team

Pejman Rahimian, PhD, HCDL(ABB), MLS(ASCP)

Laboratory Director (Scientific Team)

Pejman Rahimian is the Innovative Gx Laboratory Director and has extensive experience in molecular diagnostics, genetics, microbiology, and immunology. His clinical testing accomplishments include the development of numerous testing procedures using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR, real-time, RT, isothermal), single-molecule array (Sima), Next-Generation Sequencing, Mass Array, and immunoassays. Dr. Rahimian earned his Ph.D. from the University of North Texas Health Science Center and received his post-doctoral training at the UT Southwestern Medical Center before joining Innovative Gx Laboratories.

Alaa Ali, B.S, MAA-HA

Head General Supervisor / Lab Manager (Scientific/Management Team)

Alaa Ali is our Innovative Gx Laboratory Supervisor. She has her master’s in business administration and over 10 years of extensive clinical experience working in laboratories as a staff scientist in the fields of infectious disease, clinical chemistry and assays, as well as laboratory quality control and healthcare administration.

Sally Camacho, M.S.

Laboratory Assistant Manager (Scientific/Management Team)

Sally serves as Innovative Gx Laboratories’ Assistant Manager and supports all laboratory operations including client services, quality management, purchasing, and the processing of patient specimens. Sally received her M.S. degree in Biochemistry at the University of the Rio Grande Valley and is presently pursuing her Ph.D. studies in Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Mary Weissman, PharmD, RPh

Senior Clinical Pharmacogenomics Scientist (Scientific Team)

Mary is a senior clinical pharmacogenomics scientist and a member of the Medical Affairs team at Innovative Gx Laboratories, where she serves as a pharmacogenomics specialist as well as an educator for patients and health care providers on the integration of pharmacogenomics to better determine targeted medication regimens. She is a graduate of the Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy with a Doctorate in Pharmacy and received her undergraduate degree from Northern Illinois University in Biology and Chemistry.

Shane Wurzbach

Vice President of Business Development (Management Team)

Shane serves Innovative Gx Laboratories as our Vice President of Business Development. He brings his leadership background in both capital and implant medical devices to Innovative Gx Laboratories and strives to exceed physician and patient expectations with exceptional customer satisfaction throughout the testing process.

John Blanchard

Compliance Officer / Director of Operations (Management Team)

John Blanchard, Innovative Gx Laboratories’ Compliance Officer, has extensive experience in Operations Management for molecular laboratories, and has executed large-scale programs and cost management efforts, including operational infrastructure for the future. Mr. Blanchard has worked with LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics and has a green belt in Six Sigma. He earned his B.A. in Marketing from the University of West Georgia, and an M.S. degree in Health Care Management from Mercer University in Atlanta.

Kaitlyn Marshall

Post-Doctoral Pharmacogenomics

Kaitlyn Marshall is a Post-Doctoral Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Fellow on the Medical Affairs Team at Innovative Gx. Kaitlyn is a registered pharmacist who received her PharmD from St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Her primary role at Innovative Gx is to provide scientific and clinical support for PGx test development and empower prescribers to make informed decisions about PGx for their patients.

Chenoa Hardwick

Director of Client Operations

Chenoa is an accomplished and results-driven Healthcare Operations Executive with 10 years of laboratory experience and close to 30 years of Healthcare Physician Management and Revenue Cycle Management experience. Mrs. Hardwick brings to Innovative Gx her expertise in developing customer focused performance goals and programs that have verifiable success.

Ferdinand Muñoz

IT manager

Innovative Gx Laboratories’ IT supervisor is Ferdinand Munoz who joins us with extensive experience in computer networks and programming. He also creates and maintains all programs/reports/databases and develops software for all laboratory tracking and specimen reporting.

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