Accurate diagnosis and effective treatment identification in 24 hours*



Identify 98-99% of the most common otolaryngology pathogens using PCR

  • Rapidly detects and differentiates the most problematic viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens including Influenza, Parainfluenza, RSV and EBV
  • Provides a more definitive diagnosis than point-of-care antigen assays
  • Detects polymicrobial infections
  • Unaffected by current antibiotic use

Quickly target treatment using an accurate, detailed report with antibiogram

  • Decreases need for empiric therapy
  • Reduces potential unnecessary drug exposure, adverse events, costs of repeat testing and multiple treatment attempts
  • Aids in antibiotic stewardship by reducing over-utilization of broad-spectrum anti-infectives

Avoid hassle - universal medium eliminates the need for live samples or special storage

  • Safely inactivates and stabilizes sample in transport for subsequent analysis
  • Reduces the impact of transport time